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Title: Unanet Success Packages

Brief description: Success Packages are a set of customer-purchased, Unanet-provided services and supporting materials focused on delivering Best Practices and an optimized Unanet implementation for maximum return-on-investment. These packages are contracted for a span of months, and focused on providing solutions related to the following: Adoption Services – closing the product consumption gap, Managed Services – off-loading administration, Education Services – maintaining product knowledge and Unanet-related business processes, and Product Integration Enhancements – optimizing your corporate system integration.

Success Packages represent a shared commitment to focus efforts on customer-desired outcomes through enhanced business processes, data analytics, persistent monitoring and access to actionable metrics. It is also an opportunity for Unanet customers to achieve their world-class project management intent using the Unanet system. Learn how you can maximize the Unanet utilization across your company through the use of Success Packages.