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Title: Skip Final Expense Approvers in Expense Requesting

Brief description:

This best practice may be useful if you have configured your approval groups with a financial user as the final approver (for the purposes of confirming receipts, etc.), yet you do not care to involve that same user with any expense request processing.  

What’s covered in this document:

Configuration of Approval Group

Step 1: Click Admin > Setup > Approval Groups. Select Accounts Payable, Purchasing, or Time and Expense.

Step 2: Select +Approval Group to create a new Approval Group. Add a name and description, click Save. Add all pertinent approvers (and submitters) under the appropiate tabs.

Configuration of Approver’s Person Profile

Step 3: Configure the Approver’s Person Profile to be a "Zero Approver" by inputting "0" in the Approval Authority Amount field. Click Save.

Configuration of Expense Property Settings

Step 4: Navigate to Admin > Properties > Approval Process > Approvals and configure properties to Ignore Zero Approvers for Requests.

Step 5: Under both Enable Dynamic Approval Sequence and Skip Zero Approver check the "Expense Request" option. Both property settings need to be TRUE (selected) in order for this best practice approval workflow to ignore zero approvers in requests.

Note: In the event the zero approver is the only approver listed in the approval group, they will still be required to approve the expense request.

Additional Information

Help Docs - Expense Dashboard

Help Docs - Dynamic Approval Sequence

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