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Maintaining a similar document for contracts with subcontractors and suppliers is a best practice, but also not required by the regulations.



  • For now, create the Adhoc by going to: Reports > Adhoc > +Adhoc Report.
  • For DATA AREA choose Project.  For VIEW choose Task.  Click Continue.
  • Choose the fields you want to display from the Available Columns box and move them to the Report Columns box using the blue circle arrows. Below is a list of all fields used to collect the information required for the Contract Brief. Fields are from the Project and Task fields and user-defined fields.
  • In the Criteria column 

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Perform the steps below to set up each Contract in Unanet. 


When Mods arise, you will record them as Tasks on the Contract Brief project. 
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For Contracts with multiple Projects, a naming convention best practice


    • 10.10.1000 represents the Contract.
    • 10.10.1000.100 represents the first Project.
    • 10.10.1000.200 represents the second ProjectEtc.

This allows reports to query on everything related to the Contract.


Other aspects of Contracts may be stored as User-Defined Fields. See the sample Ad Hoc Adhoc report you set up above which outlines a mix of Unanet standard fields and Unanet user-defined fields which have custom labels. 


In each project, create the appropriate Project Note with appropriate a Note Type of "FAR Clause" and "Contract Document" as appropriate.

Contract storage

The Contract document itself is stored as a Project Note.


These will be Project Notes at the 10.10.1000 level, i.e., the Contract level . (If if you have created a project per contract year).


Step 4.2 - Setting up the RWQ

Using the Contract Brief template you have designated, set up the Ad Hoc Adhoc above as a Refreshable Web Query, and map the appropriate fields to the fields you want to populate in the Contract Brief. 



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