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Create a rate entry in the Person Profile that represents the blended rate. See example below.


George Bush User01 has a cost rate of $39$10.1400/hour and his company uses a Weekly time period set up, beginning on Sunday. Starting on 1/1/2013, Jack Thomas gets $15/hour. 1/1/2013 , 07/01/2018, The user is paid $10/hour. The calendar date 07/03/2018 is a Tuesday, not equal to the time period begin date.

As the administrator:

  1. Open the Person Profile and select the Rates tab. 

  2. Add a new rate by clicking on “the +New Rate” icon link. Use the first Sunday (period begin date) after 107/1081/13 2018 as the new cost rate’s begin date as shown below.
  3. Click +Cost Rate” Rate one more time to add the special time period when two cost rates ($10 and $15) are used. In our example, it is the week of 12/29/2012 to 1/5/2013
  4. Calculate the effective cost rate for this time period. In our example, Jack the User01 is paid 1 day at $10 rate and 4 days at $15 rate, his . The effective rate for this week is (1 * $10 + 4 * $15)/5 = $14 or to think of it in a different way: 20% of the time period he is paid at the rate of 10, 80% of that time period, he is paid at the rate of $15, thus the effective rate is 20% * $10 + 80% * 15 = $14.