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Introduction: Email
E-mail Notifications are triggered after a specified action has occurred.

Notifications are different from Reminders in that Notifications are generated by actions in the system, such as a timesheet being disapproved. Reminders, on the other hand, are scheduled.

One example of a notification is notifying a person that his or her timesheet has been disapproved. 

You can control Email E-mail Notifications via the Admin > Setup > Miscellaneous tabYou can also customize the language of the subject and body of the email by clicking the edit pencil icon.
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Unlike Email E-mail Reminders, which are scheduled to be sent at specific times, Notifications are triggered in reaction to specific occurrences.

All notifications are enabled by default, so you may decide to disable certain ones. For example, notifications such as Expense Completed, Expense Manager Approved, and Expense Project Approver Approved may be redundant. If positive notifications are desired, then you may elect to only leave Expense Completed enabled, disabling Expense Manager Approved and Expense Project Approver Approved. OftentimesOften, only negative notifications are desired as in "Your expense report has been disapproved" because people are less concerned and no action is required if the expense report has been approved.

You can control timesheet-specific notifications by checking the active icon on the right side of the E-mail Notifications screen. This setting determines whether or not the user will receive timesheet-related Email Notifications (note this does not apply to Email E-mail Reminders).

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Best PracticePractices:
Populate the body of the notifications with your Unanet URL as in the screenshot below.
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