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      • Invoice (Customer Invoice)
    • Purchasing
      • Commitment
  • Perform and Validate Project to Financials Posts - Expense Report and Labor Cost Posts
  • Prepare and Post Service Contract Act (SCA) – Pay in Lieu of Benefits
  • Close Posting Features for Invoicing & Posting
    • Expense Report Cost Post
    • Labor Cost Post
    • Pay in Lieu of Benefits
  • Prepare and Post Various Journal Entries as needed.
    • Reconcile and Record Recurring Journal Entry for Payroll
    • Reconcile Accrued Leave
    • Record Adjusting Journal Entry for Accrued Leave
    • Prepare and Post Fixed Asset’s Depreciation Expenses
    • Record Accrued Expenses
    • Record Prepaid Expenses
  • Perform Cost Pool Calculations and review indirect rates on the Statement of Indirect Rates. Post rates to Cost Structure
  • Close Posting Features for General Ledger
    • Cost Pool Post
    • Fixed Asset Post
  • Generate and Analyze Financial Statements
    • Balance Sheet
    • Income Statement
    • Income Statement - Trending
  • Analyze and Perform Various Reconciliations
    • YTD Project Cost Summary (JSR) Report tie to Income Statement
    • Bank Reconciliation Process
    • Reconcile the Project Subledger to the General Ledger
    • Balance Sheet accounts
  • Prepare and Post any Correcting Journal Entries as needed.
  • Close Posting Features for General Ledger
    • Journal Entry
  • Confirm all Posting Features for Fiscal Period are Closed
    • Once all Posting Feature sections have been closed, the Fiscal Period is considered closed. All transactions will be captured in the next available Fiscal Period.
  • Publish Financial Statements


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