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Some Unanet users with administrative permissions outside of Unanet do not have the Unanet Admin role. For example, the payroll department of a company may need to promote messages to users such as "Please note that vacation accrual balances will be set back to zero on Jan. 1", and may not have Admin permissions in Unanet. The method below allows non-Admins to control and post messages to dashboards without ongoing IT support/access to the technical dashboard properties file. 

The steps are:

  1.  As As an Admin, set up a dashboard message in the property file which includes an html img tag to display an image once, and then restart the service. The image itself can be located anywhere (local web server, corporate server, dropbox file, etc.). It can contain anything you want to show your users, including text announcements or reminders that you need to publish.
  2. Once the image is saved, the Unanet users will see the change immediately without the need to restart the system.  
  3. The non-Admin just changes the image to reflect the new message (and once saved, users see the change immediately).