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Unanet offers a credit card functionality which allows you to import your company credit card expenses, and for your expense users to pull from that list the appropriate charges onto their expense reports.


Initial set up:

  • A property must be turned on which enables credit card functionality.
  • Navigate: Admin > Properties > Expense > General > Credit Card Settings.

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  • Once the property above is enabled, a credit card option appears in each person profile. Each Person Profile must be populate with the appropriate credit card number:
  • Navigate: People > List > List > Edit Pencil Icon > Credit Cards > +Credit Card.

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Periodic Admin actions:

  • Administrators may import manually or on a scheduled based the bank credit card file
  • Navigate: Admin > Import.

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Periodic User actions:

  • Users in their expense reports may click on the "Import" button to bring credit card expenses in:
  • Navigate: Expense > list > Edit Pencil Icon.

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Additional Information:

KC - Credit Card