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This report provides a summarized view of time charged to a project in a Job Summary Report (JSR) or Project Summary type report layout (which is defined on the Admin > Setup > Cost Reports screen). The Summary version of this report includes the links that allow you to display additional labor or ODC details for the project being viewed. The Periodic version of this report allows the user to select day, week, semi-month, month, quarter, or year periods showing costs for a project by cost element. Plans or budgets can be included for labor and expense.

This report is available for Project Administrators that also have one of the following roles: Cost Rate Manager, Billing Manager, or Billing Viewer. Project Administrators that do not have the Cost Rate Manager, Billing Manager, or Billing Viewer roles can have access to this report when the Allow Cost Reporting For Non-Cost Rate Managers property is enabled (Admin > Properties > Unanet > Access/Permissions).


Below is a sample configuration for a cost report in Unanet. This resides in Admin > Setup > Accounting > Cost Reports> Default JSR.

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Contract specific report example


The Roll Up function provides program managers and executives an extremely powerful high level profit and loss analysis on groups of projects, such as by customer or by organization (e.g., practice area).  You You can actually see if your company is making a profit across all contracts, 1 one customer, or a certain division or line of business.


  • Roll up all selected projects into a single block.  When checked, the report output will include a single entry that reflects amounts accumulated across all projects included in the report.  When  When not checked, the report includes a separate section for each project included in the report.

  • When checking this option, several of the values included in the header section will reflect the term "multiple" rather than the specific values from any specific project.