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Administrators have the option to create and maintain a set of Business Week templates that are available in your system (Admin > Setup > People > Business Week)

Business Week is used in the following areas:

  • Person Capacity in calculating Utilization.
  • Assignments/Plans (when being spread across a date range).
  • Project Performance - when calculating the % Elapsed for the project/task date range and/or the total number of hours in the report date range. Here we use the standard 40-hour week (we refer to it as Project Business Week).
  • Email Reminders (Minimum Hours Email Reminder).
  • Dilution based upon Business Week (for salaried people on a business week other than the standard 40 hours per -hour week).
  • Timesheet Status Report  report - the Out Of OUT OF column will display the expected number of hours for a time period based on each user's Business Week definition.

Additional Information

Help Docs - Setup Business Week