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10.0 Element Name
(red - items new for 10.0)
Based OnMapped
To Cost Element
Project Type
Formula9.6 Element Name/ValueExamples for usage
Actuals Fee Calculation MethodTime / Expense YesYesFee Formula
w/ Rate from Search

Bill::[Labor Cost Element]TimeYesBothBill::Billable::[Labor Cost Element]
+ Bill::Non-Billable::[Labor Cost Element]

Bill::Billable::[Labor Cost Element]Bill::[ODC Cost Element]ExpenseYesBothBill::Billable::[ODC Cost Element]
+ Bill::Non-Billable::[ODC Cost Element]

Bill::Billable::[ODC Cost Element]Bill::Billable::[Labor Cost Element]TimeYesYesDiluted Bill Rate * Hours
Bill::Billable::[ODC Cost Element]ExpenseYesYesAmount * Markup
Bill::Billable::Unmapped ExpenseExpenseNoYesAmount * Markup
Bill::Billable::Unmapped LaborTimeNoYesDiluted Bill Rate * Hours
Bill::Non-Billable::[Labor Cost Element]TimeYesNoDiluted Bill Rate * Hours
Bill::Non-Billable::[ODC Cost Element]ExpenseYesNoAmount * Markup
Bill::Non-Billable::Unmapped ExpenseExpenseNoNoAmount * Markup
Bill::Non-Billable::Unmapped LaborTimeNoNoDiluted Bill Rate * Hours
Bill::Unmapped ExpenseExpenseNoBothAmount * Markup
Bill::Unmapped LaborTimeNoBothDiluted Bill Rate * Hours
Cost::[Indirect Cost Element]Time / Expense YesBothIndirect Cost Formula
Cost::[Labor Cost Element]TimeYesBothDiluted Cost Rate * Hours
Cost::[ODC Cost Element]ExpenseYesBothAmount
Cost::Billable::[Indirect Cost Element]Time / Expense YesYesIndirect Cost Formula
Cost::Billable::[Labor Cost Element]TimeYesYesDiluted Cost Rate * Hours
Cost::Billable::[ODC Cost Element]ExpenseYesYesAmount
Cost::Billable::Unmapped ExpenseExpenseNoYesAmount
Cost::Billable::Unmapped LaborTimeNoYesDiluted Cost Rate * Hours
Cost::Non-Billable::[Indirect Cost Element]Time / Expense YesNoIndirect Cost Formula
Cost::Non-Billable::[Labor Cost Element]TimeYesNoDiluted Cost Rate * Hours
Cost::Non-Billable::[ODC Cost Element]ExpenseYesNoAmount
Cost::Non-Billable::Unmapped ExpenseExpenseNoNoAmount
Cost::Non-Billable::Unmapped LaborTimeNoNoDiluted Cost Rate * Hours
Cost::Unmapped ExpenseExpenseNoBothAmount
Cost::Unmapped LaborTimeNoBothDiluted Cost Rate * Hours
Hours::[Labor Cost Element]TimeYesBothHours
Hours::Billable::[Labor Cost Element]TimeYesYesHours
Hours::Billable::Unmapped LaborTimeNoYesHours
Hours::Non-Billable::[Labor Cost Element]TimeYesNoHours
Hours::Non-Billable::Unmapped LaborTimeNoNoHours
Hours::Unmapped LaborTimeNoBothHours
Revenue::Additional ItemsOne time invoice chargesNoYes

Revenue::CPBillable Costs + FeeYesYesCosts + Fee
(w/Rate from Billing Setup)

Revenue::Fee Cap AdjustmentsCalculated Fee + Fee CapYesYes

Revenue::FPFP itemsNoBothFP revenue rules
Revenue::Funding Cap AdjustmentsCalculated Revenue + Funded Value Cap BothYes

Revenue::Gross (before write-offs and adjustments)

Revenue::TM LaborTimeBothYesDiluted Bill Rate * Hours
Revenue::TM ODCExpenseBothYesAmount * Markup


Total Mapped::CostTime / Expense / Indirect CostsYesBoth

Total ::CostTotal Mapped::Indirect CostTime / ExpenseYesBoth

Total ::Indirect CostTotal Mapped::Labor BillTimeYesYesDiluted Bill Rate * Hours
Total ::Labor BillTotal Mapped::Labor CostTimeYesBothDiluted Cost Rate * Hours
Total ::Labor CostTotal Mapped::Labor HoursTimeYesBothHours
Total ::Labor HoursTotal Mapped::Other Direct BillExpenseYesYesAmount * Markup
Total ::Other Direct BillTotal Mapped::Other Direct CostExpenseYesBothAmountTotal::Other Direct Cost


The tags available for creating Actuals formulas include the following primary categories (the primary categories are identified by the first segment of the tag name):