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Administrators can also define valid payment terms for use within Unanet. A Billing Manager will select one of these valid payment terms for use on a project during project billing setup. Unanet uses the ‘Days’ DAYS value associated with a Payment Term to calculate an Invoice Due Date using the Invoice’s Creation Date. If discounts are given, those can also be set up in the Payment terms definition. Discount days are getting used to calculate the discount date and the percent to calculate the discount amount in an invoice. 

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Email Setup

Set up E-mail Messages

If an organization intends to e-mail any of it its bills directly through Unanet to its Customerscustomers, Administrators can set up as many Ee-mail Messages messages as they would like in Admin >> > Setup >> > Miscellaneous >> > E-mail Messages.

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Admin setup of Email

If invoices for a particular invoice are to be emailed, an invoice email message must first be configured. Note that email the Enable Email property must be enabled in the Unanet/System section of the Admin/Propertiesselected in Admin > Properties > Unanet > System > E-mail Settings.

Email messages can be customized for one or many projects under Admin under Admin > Setup > Miscellaneous > E-mail Messages. The Subject and Email message Message can be tailored to meet a particular contract or customer's email distribution requirements.  

Project Setup of Email

For the steps to set up the Project Profile for invoice email, click here. 

Emailing the Invoice

For Steps the steps to email an actual invoice, click here.

Additional Information

Help Docs - Email Setup