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To set up his/her manager alternates, the manager can simply click on the “Preferences” menu on the right hand corner of any Unanet screen then click on “Alternates” menu on the left side. Next, the manager can filter for his/her manager alternate by typing in the first few letter of the person’s last name and click on  button next to it. As the next step, choose the role the manager wants to grant to the alternates, and click on the   button. Finally, save the configuration and click on the “Save” button. See Figure 11 for the step-by-step illustration.

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Figure 11 – Setup manager alternates. (1) click on “Preference”; (2) choose “Alternate”; (3) filter for the person as Alternate; (4) choose the role to grant; (5) flow the selected to the right column; (6) Save the configuration.

When the alternate manager log onto his/her Unanet system, in the “Home” Dashboard, he/she is able to see the pending approval queues for the other manager, which are listed as the “Alternate Approvals” (see Figure 12).

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 Figure 12 – Alternate Approvals of pending queues.