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Table of Contents


Automated Clearing House (ACH) - an electronic network for financial transactions in the United States. Examples of ACH credit transfers include direct deposit and vendor payments.


1.4 - Select Payments and Generate Checks

Select the check box(es) and click Generate Checks.

1.5 - Download and save the PDF as your Remittance Advices

Download the file(s) then click Process Printed Checks.

1.6 - Process Checks and Complete Check Generation

Select the desired check box and click Complete Check Generation.

2 - Create the NACHA file to transmit into the bank's online portal.

After all Vendor Payments have been posted, run the the bank-specific export template (Admin > Export) to create the NACHA file. You probably created this template customized to your bank's requirements with a Unanet consultant.

In the export criteria:

  • Enter the STARTING CHECK NUMBER that you noted above.
  • Use % to filter the BANK ACCOUNT field and select the ACH bank account.
  • DOCUMENT DATE: Choose "Today" as most often you transmit the payments to the bank on the same day they are processed in Unanet.
  • Select the check box for Posted payments and click Run Export.

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3 - Once the NACHA file is generated, download the file and transmit it to your bank following your specific bank instructions.

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Bank Reconciliation

Even though a separate Unanet Bank Account is used when processing ACH payments, the Operating Account-ACH and Operating Account are both reconciled in the same bank reconciliation. This is because both Bank Accounts use the same Account Number.