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  • Record vendor payments.
    • When running payroll, create a bulk vendor payment in Unanet (Financials > Accounts Payable > Bulk Vendor Payment Creation) for these expenses using the Payroll bank account.
    • Filter the organization code for "e" (employee) vendors only.
    • The vendor payment will debit an account like 20.03.01 - Accounts Payable and credit an account like 10.01.01 - Operating Bank Account.

      At this point, the expense reports will show up as Paid in your Unanet system:


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  • Export the payments and import them into your third-party payroll system.
    • Run the export at Admin > Export (sample export from Unanet to a payroll system below).
  • The payroll journal entry will not include any dollar amounts related to expenses that had payments recorded.