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Set up Saved/Shared Reports

Report - Cost Summary Bar & Line Chart

Set up a Saved/Shared Bar & Line Chart by navigating to the Reports dashboard and the report in the screenshot below.

This report allows you to see a high-level view of revenue on all proposal projects. You will have the opportunity to factor in probability percent ("Corrected") or not ("Uncorrected") as you report on your projects. For example, if a contract is worth $10M but is only 50% likely to close (probability), the "Corrected" value will be $5M and the "Uncorrected" value will be $10M.


  1. Enter PROJECT MANAGER last name.
  2. Enter PROJECT TYPE.
  3. COST REPORT LINE ITEM 1: This should be set to "Total Revenue."
  4. INDIRECT COST RATE: You will likely want to select Provisional.
  6. SCHEDULE TYPE: Select Report on Budgets.
  7. REPORTING OPTIONS: Select Use Probability Percent (greater than 0). This will be your "Corrected" value.

    Sample output:

Report -



Ad Hoc Adhoc reports are useful for looking at each individual proposal effort, showing project manager, dates, budget, probability, and any other aspect of the project in Unanet.

You may wish to filter on certain project aspects such as Project TypePROJECT TYPE. In the example below, one of the filters in the report has been on Project TypePROJECT TYPE, returning only "WEB." proposal efforts.  
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Proposal Project Setup (as needed)


On the Profile tab, you will select the appropriate Project Status and Project Type. These are typically custom to your instance of Unanet. You will also set the Owning Org, Project Org, and Project Code in accordance with your reporting intentions. 
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Budget tab

On the Budget tab, you will set the following: