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  1. OPTION 1: Change the appropriate Project/Task fields (e.g., Funded Value, Revised End Date, etc.) and attach a Project Note for the reasoning. The Audit Trail captures changes to project/task budgets and dates in order to track the historical values entered there over time.

  2. OPTION 2: Add a new Task to reflect the Mod on the Contract Brief project (see below in setting up a Contract Brief project), and put the Mod reason in a task user-defined field. In the screenshot below, this field is labeled "Detailed Comments". Add the mod amounts to the appropriate place in the Contract Brief project's budget fields. Run reports such as Project Revenue & Funding Summary, summarizing funded value and budgets by Task.


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  2. OPTION 3: Add a new Project to reflect the Mod, put the Mod reason in the Project comments field, and put the budgets and funding amounts in the appropriate Budget and Accounting tab fields. This allows the work associated with the Mod to be distinctly tracked. Smart naming conventions need to be employed to ensure reports roll up all Mods for the over group, e.g., Mod 1 as Project Code 1 = 1000.100.10, Mod 2 as Project Code 2 = 1000.100.20, etc.


Just as Project Management is an expertise with standard methodology, so is Contract Management. Contract Management is a process.


See the section above regarding how to create Modifications.  


Step 1 - Refreshing the Data

Open the your Contract Brief (you have configured the RWQ in the initial contract setup step.) and go to the tab with your Unanet data (Ad Hoc Adhoc report). 

Right-click on any cell and login with your Unanet credentials. 

Select the data area represented in the excel Excel spreadsheet (the yellow arrow under the word Unanet) and hit importclick Import.

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Step 2 - Display

Go to your main display tab for the Contract Brief and you will see data updated from live Unanet updates.