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Examples of how to use



The Unanet Knowledge Center (KC) is a resource offered to share best practices, FAQs, and various scenarios. Tends to address business needs pulling together multiple entries from KC or Help, tends to be more process related.

Content is created and updated on a weekly basis, highlighted entries are shared with Customers via the customer newsletter.

The KC is the WHY and the HOW TO DO IT. The KC covers steps across functionality to solve business processes.

  • FAQs
  • Videos
  • Recorded webinars
  • Business case usages
  • Quick Topics that may pull together multiple Help and KC areas
  • Best practices

No - will address current version.

This means if you are on an older version of Unanet you may see functionality addressed which your version does not have.


The Help is detailed technical documentation that covers every aspect of every field in Unanet as well as some related processes.

The Help is the WHAT and the HOW IT WORKS.

  • Technical functionality and purpose of every screen and field in Unanet
  • Import file requirements


For the most current Help, use either:

  • The generic helpHelp:

  • Your Unanet system’s Help link (if you are upgraded to the most recent version), which may look something like:

For older versions, consult

Example of older version of Help, first release of Financials:


Upper left links to Support, Unanet Help, and Unanet commercial website.

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Overview of Help

The Help is organized topically with a similar hierarchy to the KC.


  • Send a link
  • Export to PDF or Word

For multiple pages into one PDF

You may be interested in downloading one document made up of multiple KC pages. For example, exporting the AP Guide or AR guideGuide.

Detailed steps are here: Quick Topic - Exporting KC Pages to PDF


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  • Search for the topic (such as "Admin import") in the upper right Search box of the Help.
  • Right click on the page name in the left menu.
  • Select "Copy link address".

    Navigate: Help > Search. 


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Send an email to if you notice anything like the following in the KC:

  • If you see typos , or have suggested changes/additions.
  • As you navigate the Help and KC, if you see opportunities to link the help Help and KC together (cross reference).
  • We  maintain the ‘index’ Index in the help – Help - that means we specifically add ‘keywords’ keywords to a list , then link that keyword the keywords to specific pages. If you are struggling to find topics when entering certain keywords (that you believe are common) - do pass those keywords along (along with and any topics you believe they should link to) and we can work them in.