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Unanet supports Single Sign On (SSO) in the Cloud environment through SAML integration with leading identity management providers such as AD FS, Duo, OneLogin, Okta, etc. Multi-factor authentication and password complexity requirements can also be satisfied through these products. There  

There are multiple third party ID providers that can provide authentication that Unanet can accept via SAML configuration.

For On Premise systems, the only traditional SSO method (supported by Unanet for years) that still works is the IIS Login Module.The information below is intended as an overview of SAML functionality as used in the Unanet environment. 

Cloud and On Premise customers are responsible for creating relying party trusts and claims where applicable, however, the main goal for Cloud customers is to provide the metadata information which contains Identity Provider Issuer Id, Identity Provider Single Sign On URL and the X.509 Certificate used for message signing. 

What’s covered in this document: