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The user must have the proper role (Purchaser) as well as the necessary org access to create Purchase Orders.


  1. From the Financials Dashboard access the Purchasing Dashboard Navigate to Financials > Purchasing > Purchase Requisitions to review the status of Purchase Requisitions to and determine those that are approved and ready for PO creation.

  2. Access the Purchase Order Search and List page: Go to Financials > Purchasing > Purchase Orders .
    Click add and click the "+" icon to add a Purchase Order.

  3. Search "%" for PR # (if you search in the PR # it will show only PRs that are not closed).
    1. Note: It is helpful to have the PR open in another tab when creating the PO.

  4. When you choose the PR, certain default fields will fill in the new PO – such as Vendor, Owning Org, Project, Comments, etc.

  5. Modify the PO Profile tab to reflect the appropriate information:. Once you click Save, the Profile info this data will be on the Summary of the PO.
    1. Owning Organization
    2. Purchase Amount – this This defaults to 0 so change and must be changee to the current PO amount.
    3. Description
    4. Vendor – is suggested vendor from PR – This is populated with the Vendor from the PR and can be changed.
    5. PO Owner = requestor
    6. Purchaser – is a mandatory field
    7. Receiver/Approver - this – This person will be added to approve the Vendor invoice Invoice when it is submitted, in lieu of “receiving” "receiving" the items on the invoice.
    8. Commitment Date – This is linked to Fiscal Period and is the date that the commitment will start showing on commitment reportsOnce you hit Save the Profile info this data will be on the Summary of the PO

  6. If there are no details lines on the PR, there is no need to create details lines on the PO, but lines can be added if desired.
    If the PR designates that the PO is controlled at the Detail Line level OR the PR has line items on it, then you must create line items for PO.
    1. Detail
    1. Lines – Labor
      1. Labor: Approved PR Labor lines show
      1. what has been
      1. approved
      2. Click down arrow to move down to create a PO labor line.
      3. Adjust Dates if desired.
      4. If items are specified on PR line item, they cannot be changed on PO line.
      5. If
      1. "Control PO Hours" is checked, you will not be able to exceed that number of hour on the POs associated with that PR.
      “VI Overage” –
      1. Limit: VI Overage
        1. Limit – VI cannot exceed the value of that line item – will not allow VI to be submitted.
        1. Don't Limit – will allow line item to be exceeded on VI.
        2. PO Fund Cap Adj. – if above line item – will allow VI to be submitted, but will put difference between actual and funding limit in a PO Funding cap liability account – will reverse once PO Funding is increased with a mod.
      2. The VI Overage settings can be
      1. "Limit" at the summary level but
      “Do Not limit”
      1. "Don't Limit" at the line item level – allows flexibility within the line items on the VI.
    2. Detail
    1. Lines – Expense / Items
      1. Can take one PR line and split into multiple PO lines
      1. (for example, for travel
      for example
      1. to
      1. identify the expense types).
      2. If you enter an account on the PO line item, it will default on VI
      1. , but AP can override it.

  7. You can adjust the PO Amount on the summary page Summary tab to match your detail Detail totals once completed.

  8. Submit / Approval:
    1. When you submit the PO, you choose the Approval group it gets routed to.
    2. If there is a project approver they Project Approver, he or she will need to approve all line items on the PO related to that project.

  9. Form Section:
    1. Check Generate PO Form.
    2. Choose Detail level of the PO Form you wish to print or email to your vendor.
      1. Note: Purchase Order Formats are set in Admin > Accounting > Purchase Order Formats.

  10. Submit PO.
    1. Choose approval group if desired.
    2. PO will now be in open status or approving status.

Additional Information

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