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  1. Navigate to Financials > Purchasing > Purchase Order. In the top right of the criteria screen, select the "+" icon to create a new Purchase Order.

  2. Enter the required Summary information on the Profile tab and Save:
    1. Legal Entity – The legal entity to which this request will belong.
    2. Owning Organization  This is the organization on behalf of which the Requestor Purchaser is creating the PO.
    3. Purchase Amount  This can be positive or zero.
    4. Description  This can be used to describe the purpose of the PO.
    5. Document Date  This is pre-populated with the current date.
    6. Commitment Date  This is pre-populated with the current date.
    7. Fiscal Period  This is pre-populated with the current fiscal period.
    8. Vendor  This will specify your vendor.
    9. Purchaser  This will default to the Purchaser entering the PO.

  3. Fill the Generate PO Form tab:
    1. Check the Generate PO Form Box.
    2. Choose the PO Format Name.
    3. Check which Detail Level you want.
    4. Fill in any other fields as necessary.

  4. In the left menu of the PO, enter your detailed information. Note that the sum of these details must match the Purchase Amount on the Summary tab.
    1. Enter Labor details.
    2. Enter Expense details.
    3. Enter Items details.

  5. Submit.