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Title: Human Capital Management (HCM) and Human Resources Information System

Brief description:

Unanet can provide a data capture page specifically for payroll information and a Notes feature to collect other Human Resource information such as Evaluations, Resumes, etc.

What’s covered in this document:

Table of Contents

Storage of Payroll Information for a Resource

To enable the payroll information view:

  1. Go to Admin > Properties > Time > Edit Settings.
  2. Select the checkbox for Show Payroll Information Option on Person Profile.
  3. Click Save.

Storage of Additional Resource Information

An alternative to storing Human Resource information is the addition of User Defined Fields for the Person Profile. This best practice can be used when specific information needs to be stored for a resource without the requirement of storing associated files.

Human Resource Storage of Data Using Unanet Notes Feature

A final alternative is to add Project for every employee for the storage of specific information and artifacts (Word, PDF, Excel, etc.) associated with each person. This best practice is recommended if a requirement exists to store files relevant to the resource such as  resumes, evaluations, etc. To set up this scenario, Unanet recommends the following process:

  1. A Person organization can be set up (i.e., HUMAN_RESOURCES) with each project name as the employee name. The Notes tab for the employee project can be updated to include specific data and artifacts.
  2. Go to Admin > Setup - Note Types to view or set up Note Types that reflect the various types of information you may want to associate with an employee.
  3. Go to Admin > Setup - Note Statuses to view or set up Note Statuses that reflect the various applicable statuses.
  4. Additional User Defined Fields can be added for the Project Note via Admin > Setup > User-Defined Fields.
  5. The Notes list function can be used to search for specific criteria in the Note description, Note type, Note status, UDFs, etc., and can be saved to the Manager’s dashboard for easy accessibility to the information.
  6. Adhoc reports to report on UDFs for the Person, Project and the Note can also be created and saved to the Manager’s dashboard for easy execution and reporting on Resource Data.

Additional Information

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