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If email notifications are not being received, what could be the cause?


Below are several considerations that could be causing email notifications not to be received.

  • Make sure the user is configured to receive notifications.
    • This can be found by the Admin in the person’s profile, or by the person via the Preferences link (upper right hand corner). The relevant check boxes are Receive Assignment Notification E-mails on the Profile tab, Receive Timesheet Notification E-mails on the Time tab, and Receive Expense Notification E-mails on the Expense tab.

  • Ensure that the appropriate notifications are enabled.
    • The desired notifications should all be active under Admin > Setup > Miscellaneous > E-mail Notifications. Email Reminders - if they are not working - have to be active also.

  • Verify that the email address listed on the person profile is a valid email address. 
    • An Adhoc report can list all usernames, names, and email IDs, so they can all be checked at once.

  • Consider whether virus protection, SPAM or Junk filters prohibit the message from coming in.
    • There are quarantine folders on email servers that hold emails that are never delivered to employees. These normally have to be checked by an IT/email admin.

  • View the following property settings in Admin > Properties > Unanet > System > Email settings. If they are not modifiable there, you may have to change them in the \unanet\config\ file (for On Premise customers).
    • Is Enable Email checked in the property settings? This can be updated via the Admin > Properties > Unanet > System > E-mail Settings > Enable Email property.
    • Is there a valid Mail Host (SMTP Server) listed in Mail Host property? The default setting is "mail"; however, your IT support might have a different SMTP server that needs to be listed.
    • Is there a valid Default From Email Address listed? The former default setting is "unatime" for Cloud customers, but there must be a valid email address listed there for notifications to go through. An example would be "".
    • See screenshot below for an example of the property settings.

  • Check to see if the user receives a broadcast message sent from the Admin Reminders screen.
    • See the Testing Email Notifications section below for information on how to test.

  • Check to see if the user not receiving emails is on a separate email or network domain (apart from other users that receive these messages).
    • In this case, you may have to set your email server to "allow relaying" to other email servers, or provide the user a local email domain address.

  • If you use Office 365 for email, TLS authentication is required. For all email accounts that use Unanet, apply the "SendAs" attribute to the proxy designated account.

  • For On Premise customers:
    • Is there any information in the application logs in the Tomcat home/logs folder about this user regarding email functionality? The Unanet logging level should be set to FINE or higher.
    • Have there been any changes to your network or firewalls? Have there been any recent server updates, or webserver/database server restarts?
    • If virus protection is blocking communications through port 25, that can cause an issue as well.
Example Screenshot

The email properties should be set up similar to the screenshot below. Both email addresses highlighted have to be "real" email addresses with an inbox. They can be the same email, if desired. For On Premise customers, the mail host should be your email server.

Testing Email Notifications

You can test send a reminder by going to Admin > Reminders and choosing Timesheet Manager Approval or Broadcast reminder. Choose an Organization and/or Approval Group in order to reduce the number of email recipients. When clicked, the Preview button will show you the users who will (should) receive the email. You can uncheck as many users as you want, so the test is only sent to people you want to test with.

NOTE: You must test with an email recipient other than yourself because the software will not send that email if you are both the sender and recipient. Click the Send button to send the email.

If you use Broadcast reminder, you can update the broadcast message at Admin > Setup > Misc > Email Reminders to state that this is just a test email and can be ignored. This can also be used to test that your email connectivity is working.

For On Premise customers, you can then search your application log (in the Tomcat home > logs folder) for the word "mail."

  • If the logging level is set to FINE or FINER, this will find email actions from the Unanet software (initialization entries that have CONFIG or INFO log level indicated can be ignored).
  • If the logging level is set to FINEST, the email search will return info regarding the actual transmission of the email to the email server. Your logging level should not be left at this high setting indefinitely; it has a tendency to greatly inflate the size of the log file and you will run out of disk space.