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Unanet Runtime Exception
There was a Unanet Runtime Exception while processing /demo_whilesunanet/action/people/time/add/save.

The system failed to find a valid default pay code for Holiday on 5/25/2020. Possible reasons may include:k

  1. The pay codes available to this user, due to their Employee Type restrictions, do not overlap with the pay codes allowed on this project.
  2. The master pay code list does not include any active pay codes designated as "Include in Default List" and the project does not have any active pay codes allowed.
  3. The system has no active pay codes defined. Please contact your Unanet Administrator.


When Unanet is configured to automatically populate holidays on timesheets, it will put the holiday hours on timesheets for any user that has an assignment on the project associated with the holiday date. The best practice for creating Holiday projects is to limit the Holiday project to specific pay codes so that the hours on timesheets go to the proper accounts in Unanet. When employees are configured with an Employee Type on their Person Profile, the employee type must support the pay code(s) associated with the Holiday project in order for the system to be able to pre-populate the timesheet with the holiday hours.