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Title: Approval Order (Project and Manager approvals)

Brief description:

This Quick Topic covers the ways in which the order of approvals can be performed. If your time and expense approvals are only done via the approval groups, this topic is not for you. Do you have approval groups AND project level approvals? If so, then the topic below will be of assistance.

What’s covered in this document:

Who's on First?

Do you find yourself trying to figure out who needs to approve first, or wondering if all of your approvals are completed so you can move forward with your time period close out? This topic addresses those questions and concerns.

Project Level Approvals

There are many cases where you will want your time and expenses approved at the Project level. To do this you need to establish a Project Approver for applicable projects. The Project Approver can approve time, expenses or both. Steps to do this are found in Help Docs - Project Approvals.

Once you have the project set for approvals, then the designated Project Approver will see an approval queue on their dashboard when entries have been submitted for approval.  

Who's Turn

One thing to keep in mind is that when a project is set for project approval, submission of the timesheet and/or expense report goes to BOTH the Project Approver AND the Manager simultaneously. (If you would like the Project Approver to approve first, then this topic may be of interest to you: KC - FAQ - How do I configure my Unanet to require Project Approvers to approve time/expense prior to HR Managers/supervisors?). When one of the approvers disapproves the timesheet or expense report, the entire timesheet or expense goes back to the employee for corrections. Once the data is resubmitted, all approvers will see the timesheet and expense report again. You may decide to ask your submitters to put a note in their timesheet submit field if they have changed anything, in order to indicate what was changed in the event that there are multiple Project Approvers, some of whom may not be impacted.

Wait, I already approved that!

If the Project Approver and Manager are the same person, it may appear that double approval is required. In order to avoid this, the approval queue for Manager should be processed before the Project Approver queue. Any Manager approval by an individual who is also a Project Approver will satisfy both requirements. (The opposite is not true.)


Determining who needs to approve a Timesheet

Run the Timesheet Status report for your people (Reports > Dashboard > People Reports > Timesheet Status), looking for SUBMITTED and APPROVING timesheets in the desired time period (most often it will be the Previous Period).

And you'll see who still needs to approve the timesheets. In the example below, pending approvals are shown at both the Manager and Project Approver levels.

Determining who needs to approve an Expense Report

Run the Expense Report Status report (Reports > Dashboard > People Reports > Expense Report Status) to determine who needs to approve outstanding expense reports, looking for SUBMITTED and APPROVING statuses; be sure to select Using Line Item Date within Range so all expense reports will be included. 

Additional Information

Help Docs - Project Approvals

KC - FAQ - How do I configure my Unanet to require Project Approvers to approve time/expense prior to HR Managers/supervisors?

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