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Can I specify default settings in the project profile?


Yes. Certain project profile settings have default values when created via the +Project option in Unanet. For example, Self Assign is set to "Y" by default, and Allow Future Charges is set to "Y" by default. Note that these defaults are often overridden by:

  1. Creating the project directly in Unanet via +Project and overriding the defaults.
  2. Creating the project directly in Unanet via Copy Project, where the defaults are already set in the template project.
  3. An inbound integration that flows projects from an accounting system like Dynamics SL, Deltek GCS, Deltek Costpoint, etc. 

When using the Copy Project method above, you may also elect to employ a menu.xml customization to hide +Project altogether. This way people can only create a project based on a template via Copy Project, allowing you to control defaults like Allow Future Charges (set to no) and Self Assign (set to no). 

This greatly assists our DCAA-compliant customers who must have those settings in place appropriately, but could also help any client who wants to default project settings.

The steps would be as follows:

  1. One time set up:
    1. Create your template project in Unanet, specifying your default settings as desired (for example, No on Self Assign and No on Allow Future Charges)
    2. Apply the menu.xml customization to hide +Project. If you are a Cloud user, the Unanet Support team can do this for you. If you are On Premise, your IT team can make this specification in the Unanet installation config directory (it is done in the Unanet installation files and may not be done in the user interface).

Example of menu.xmlHelp Docs - menu.xml file

The customization to hide +Project is as follows:

<menu refid="menu.project.add.node" remove=”true” />

  1. On an ongoing basis, as you need to create new projects:
    1. Click on Copy Project (note that +Project is now hidden - see screenshot below).
    2. Specify the project code or org code of the template you create in Step 1 above.
    3. Give the project a new org/code.
    4. Click Save.
    5. Notice that the default settings are now yours and not the system's default.

Additional Information

Help Docs - Copy Project

Help Docs - menu.xml file

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