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How can I grant access to reports for executives without making them Admins?


Typically executives and C-level employees (CEO, COO, etc.) should be able to report on all people and all projects, including visibility into bill rates and cost/pay rates. You can enable this level of permission without having to grant the Admin role as follows:

Give them the following Roles (Person > Profile tab):

  • Project Viewer (so they can see projects/run project reports)
  • Viewer (so they can see people/run people reports)
  • Bill Rate Manager (so they can see bill rates)
  • Cost Rate Manager (so they can see cost rates)
  • AP Viewer
  • AR Viewer
  • GL Viewer

Grant the following Org Access (Person > Profile tab - left menu):

  • All for Project Viewer
  • All for Viewer
  • All for AP Viewer
  • All for AR Viewer
  • All for GL Viewer
  • (no need for bill/cost rate manager as the bill/cost rate manager roles simply layer on top of the other roles)

Additional Information

Help Docs - People Organization Access

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