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What is an IMU and how does it work?


Regular IMU

The IMU is also known as the Integration Management Utility. The IMU can either import and/or export data in and out of Unanet. These imports and exports are based off of import and export templates in the Unanet instance.

Essentially, the IMU runs these import/export templates without having to have an Admin person perform these functions. The IMU can be run manually or be automated using the Windows Task Scheduler, and can generate emails containing any errors encountered during the process.

The IMU can integrate Unanet with any other type of system, e.g. systems of accounting, payroll, CRM, banking, HRIS, credit card vendors, etc.

The IMU package may be downloaded from the Unanet website at Unanet Support downloads by logging in with log in credentials, and choosing the download from Interfaces.

Some examples of IMU usage include:

  • automated imports of new employee records
  • automate exports from Unanet, and if desired, imports immediately back into Unanet
    • for example, an export of hours charged on a project for overtime comp time hours, and immediate import as an assignment budget onto another project.
  • exporting data from a downstream accounting system to bring into Unanet using data from SQL, SSIS, MS Access, Impromptu, or Cognos. The IMU can be used to kick off that process and bring the data in.
  • emailing information to certain people. For example, if you were to schedule an automated export from Unanet to email your project managers certain information they wouldn’t normally have access to.

The regular IMU is hosted by you on your server.

Hosted IMU

The IMU is hosted by Unanet via the Hosted IMU product. The Hosted IMU is the same as the regular IMU except that Unanet offers a cloud solution for it.

Benefits of the Hosted IMU over the regular IMU include:

  • It is deployed in AWS.
  • Unanet performs monitoring on the platform,
  • It is much easier for Unanet to troubleshoot and fix issues.
  • Unanet performs system upgrades, security patches etc.
  • Unanet has disaster recovery capabilities in place.

We either require or strongly suggest usage of the Hosted IMU for some of Unanet's Additional Products.  The Hosted IMU may be used for many purposes in automating imports and exports,, including but not limited to:

  • PayrollConnect products (see below)
  • Hosted Credit Card Import product (see below)
  • Automated Analyst product (see below)
  • Per Diem Automation product (see below)
  • Comp Time based on hours work (export then import)
  • Custom reports emailed as exports
  • Custom payroll integrations
  • Other custom inbound/outbounds (many, many different purposes)

Additional Information

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