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Is there a quick list of steps for posting/invoicing?


  • TM/CP contracts: 
    • Ensure expense/time is EXTRACTED/LOCKED.
  • FP Contracts:  
    • Ensure FP items are created.
    • If recognizing on % complete, be cognizant of the % complete (either auto-calculated or manually entered). If allowing Unanet to calculate % complete, ensure time/expense is EXTRACTED/LOCKED.
  • All contract types (TM/CP/FP):
    • Ensure Project is set up for Billing, with Generate Invoice selected and all Billing fields populated as appropriate.
    • Billing - Post
      • Supply an Actuals Through and Journal Date.
      • Click List.
      • Click Post.
    • Billing - Add Invoice:
      • Supply a Through date and Invoice Date.
      • Click List.
      • Generate Invoice.
    • Complete Invoice:
      • When ready to lock the invoice, in the List Invoice (you must do this to create any subsequent invoice).

Additional Information

KC - Invoicing and Posting Guide

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