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Can I export accrual balances?


Unanet has yet to feature export of accrual balances. You can, however, use refreshable web queries (RWQs) to pull leave accrual amounts from Accrual reports out of Unanet.  

The following export sample pulls the leave balance information into the format that ADP requires for import: Accrual Balances_RWQ.xlsx

The tabs are as follows:

  • ADP tab - A format ADP requires. It uses VLOOKUP’s to know which row in the Vacation/Sick tab to pull in, and match to the available balance. You can review these formulas in the attached spreadsheet.
  • Vacation tab - Uses a RWQ to pull Vacation accrual balances in.
  • Sick tab - Uses a RWQ to pull Sick accrual balances in.
  • Personal tab - Pulls a Unanet Adhoc report showing the list of names.

The key with RWQ's is that the reports MUST be saved AND shared AND promoted to a dashboard. The criteria might use “Previous week” (could be custom date but would still need to be saved/shared/promoted each time - typically through prior period would suffice).

The initial set up steps are:

  • Create Saved Shared reports for accruals and the adhoc person name report and promote to a dashboard.
  • Set up the RWQ’s in the spreadsheet, pasting over the ones in the Vacation/Sick tabs. Set up the RWQ for the Adhoc on Person names.

The periodic pay roll steps are:

  • Ensure as you already do that timesheets are COMPLETED/LOCKED (follow your normal process).
  • Refresh the spreadsheet query (you might need to log in).

Additional Information

KC - Quick Topic - Refreshable Web Queries

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