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Project Administrators can be designated on each project. 

Once a project has been created and saved, the Administrators option (left menu ) can be accessed to assign users to the various project maintenance roles.

Several types of project administrator roles exist. A few common examples include:

  • Project Manager: Has full edit ability for most project fields as well as reporting on the project.
  • Project Lead: Has full edit ability for tasks and a handful of Project fields as well as reporting on the project.
  • Project Viewer: Has read-only access to view project reports.
  • Project Approver: Any time and/or expense charged to the project must be approved by this person (typically in addition to manager approvals); also has access to reporting on the project.
  • Bill Budget Manager: Has the ability to update bill budget fields on Projects and Tasks.
  • Cost Budget Manager: Has the ability to update cost budget fields on Projects and Tasks.

This table summarizes the abilities that come with some of these roles:

Project ManagerProject LeadProject ViewerProject ApproverBill Budget ManagerCost Budget Manager
Update project status(tick)(tick)
Create project(tick)
Update task budgets(tick)
Update project bill budgets(tick)(tick)
Update project cost budgets(tick)(tick)
Project reporting(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)
Approve time(tick)
View rates*if Rate Manager

Note that people with the appropriate roles may be granted access to projects either via Organization Access (left menu) in their Person Profile, or in the Project Administrators area (left menu). If the person profile Organization Access is set to None, they still may have access to the project via Project Administrator access.

Navigate to Project > List > List tab > Edit pencil icon > Administrators > Project Approver.

Additional Information

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