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Title: Timesheet Fields & Options

This topic covers various Admin property options for timesheets, and the display of various fields on the timesheet.

What's covered: 

Admin Properties for Timesheets

In Admin > Properties > Time, you can configure many aspects of your timesheets, from display options to system properties. 

Fields Displayed on Timesheets

Several dropdown menus are available for display on the timesheet including PROJECT, TASK, LABOR CATEGORY, LOCATION, PROJECT TYPE, and PAY CODE (example below).

Most typically, LABOR CATEGORY and PROJECT TYPE are hidden. LABOR CATEGORY is most often controlled in the Assignments, and PROJECT TYPE is most often set on the Task itself or on the Project.  

PAY CODE should be displayed if any overtime selections are required by hourly workers.  

TASK should be displayed if using Tasks.

LOCATION may be displayed if you would like your users to choose the LOCATION where they performed the work. (Note that this can also be set in the Assignments.)

PROJECT ORG and PROJECT TITLE are optional descriptors that help your timesheet users identify the project. 

Additional Information

Help Docs - Admin Properties

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