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Expense report fields are configurable in Admin > Properties > Expense > Edit Settings.

If you would like to display the Customer (Project Organization) to the Expense report user, you may elect to show the Project Organization. You can also show the Project Title on the expense report, which is an additional descriptive field. VAT fields are also available for display. Lastly, we generally recommend that Project Type be hidden from the expense report. If a project type selection of billable/nonbillable is desired, we recommend that you set the project type value behind the scenes on either the task or project level. 

We also recommend that to have more control over entry of expense data you require that Purpose and Location be entered, and that comments be entered if Thresholds are exceeded.

Below is a sample Expense Report including display of Project Organization as well as the Project Type dropdown menu. Note that we typically recommend you hide Project Type from expense reports so that you can control it at the project or task level. This is because Project Types cannot be restricted by project; therefore someone might choose an inappropriate project type like G&A on a project with a Billable project type.  

Navigate to Expense > List > Magnifying Glass Icon.

Additional Information

Help Docs - Admin Properties

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