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How should I set "Allow rate adjustments for extracted time" on the person import?


This setting appears in the first screenshot below. It may also be meaningful to consider when using the IMU to automate the import of person records. This setting corresponds to the edits and subsequent warnings that can occur on the Person > Profile > Rates tab when editing a row that has Extracted or Locked records in the date range (second screenshot).

When setting "Allow rate adjustments for extracted time" to true on the import screen or in the IMU settings, you will want to consider whether you would like to make adjustments to time that has already been extracted or locked in Unanet. Typically, with automated flows of person records via the IMU, you would set this to true so that any changes that occur in the outside system will be reflected in the extracted/locked time in Unanet as well.  

An important consideration is how to handle these adjustments once they have already occurred, when you are sending data in the other direction from Unanet to a downstream system (e.g., when exporting time from Unanet). To handle this, you may want to export only those adjustments and mark them as extracted prior to importing into the downstream system.

Additional Information

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