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FAQ - Can I invoice in the middle of my timesheet period?


If this is for T&M or CP contracts, you may use a custom time period to cut off the time period and approve any time that needs to be included in the billing period. All users associated with the time period will be on this custom time period, so if this only applies to a few people or projects, you may want to consider another time period that can be limited to those users.

Note: You must define the custom/shortened period in advance of the users creating the time period (you may not truncate the time period after timesheets already exist for that period.

You will need also to consider the implications for dilution with this solution. Each individual time stub time period will be individually diluted based on the value you specify when you create it. 

Any custom validation stored procedure overtime rules will need to account for multiple stub time periods.

Alternatively, if you have biweekly payroll, you could have weekly timesheets in order to be able to invoice as often as weekly. This would not require custom time periods.

Additional Information

Help Docs - Time Period Setup

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