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Title:  How should I handle adjustments generated by Person imports?

Brief description:

There are two factors to consider here. First, the setting on the Person Import screen which controls if adjustments are made, and second, the implications in any time exports which may be impacted by these adjustments. This may apply to Unanet customers using an integration from a downstream accounting system who bring person data into Unanet on a regularly scheduled basis, but this also applies to anyone who is importing Person records who checks the Adjustments box on the Person Import screen.

What’s covered in this document:

Person Import screen - Adjustments - Allow rate adjustments for extracted time

Navigate to Admin > Import and select "Person" from the TYPE OF IMPORT dropdown menu.

This setting refers to the impact to the Person profile Rates tab, and corresponds to the warning you see in that tab when attempting to edit a row for which there is LOCKED/EXTRACTED time (indicated by the flag icon). If you make changes to the values on a row on the Person Rates tab for a period which contains LOCKED/EXTRACTED time, adjustments will be created.

For customers pulling person data from a downstream system into Unanet, we do recommend that the Adjustments setting of Allow rate adjustments for extracted time be left on since you want your costs to match between the two systems. Note that any fields on the Rates tab may generate adjustments, including labor cost elements which may be mapped from another system and may not be date range specific in that downstream system.

Handling ensuing Time export data

Once timesheet adjustments have been generated by a person import, you will likely need to accommodate them on the export of time to your downstream system.

Generally speaking, we recommend that time exports are run in two batches: first with No Adjustments, and second with Only Adjustments using Posted Date. Running two exports separates the time data from the current period from adjustments made to timesheets in that same period. Separating the data makes it easier to interpret the output because the adjustments aren't mixed in with the current period time. This gives you the opportunity to review the Adjustments file before importing into your accounting system. Note that adjustments related to cost should be brought from Unanet to the accounting system so that the two systems match. Adjustments unrelated to changes in cost can be reviewed and determined whether they should be imported into the accounting system. For example, adjustments related to labor cost elements will have no impact on bill or cost amounts.

Additional Information

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