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Add Invoice

The Add Invoices screen is used by a Billing Manager to generate invoices for one or many projects. Adding an invoice places Unbilled transactions previously created via the Billing & Revenue Post on a new draft invoice for the project (anything not included on an existing unvoided prior invoice.) Once an invoice has been created, it can be further modified or removed via the List Invoices screens.

Note that a project can only have one draft invoice in existence at any one time. To invoice items posted after a draft invoice has been created, you can either delete the draft invoice then recreate a new draft invoice (which would pick up all eligible items) or complete the existing draft invoice and then create a new invoice (to pickup just the newly posted items).

The Through Date selection criteria can be used to narrow down the time frame for which details will be included in the output. In this control you have the option of specifying:

  • Through Date - You can specify a Through Date by either typing in the date directly or using the calendar control.  Specifying this option will result in all eligible posted / un-invoiced details up to and including the Through Date to be included in the draft invoices. The Post will consider your settings in Posting Options when determining which date to use (See Posting Options in Additional Information below).
  • Named Date Range - You can specify a named date range from the list of available built-in values.  This approach may be particularly helpful if you plan to save the criteria.   

The Invoice Date field is used to supply the date that will be stamped on the resulting draft invoices created during the Add Invoice process. This date, combined with the Payment Terms value for the invoice will determine the invoice due date and will be used to calculate any discounts that may apply to the selected Payment Terms.

The resulting list generated will be similar to the image below. Any projects which are being invoiced as a group will be annotated by a black diamond as shown below. The eyeglasses provide a popup with a view into the projects in the group and their billing data.

The Billing Manager will place a check mark next to each project to be invoiced and click on the Generate Invoice button to initiate the process. Selecting the check box at the top of the column will toggle all check box values (checked / unchecked). The values can be clicked to see the detailed supporting data prior to generating an invoice for that project.

Add Invoice Feedback

Once the Invoice Generation is run, the Billing Manager will see feedback written to the screen that will indicate the projects and status of each project included in the creation process.  Should any unexpected issues be encountered, additional details will be written to the screen for the effected project.

Creating an Custom Invoice amount with Additional Items

If you wish to create a project invoice and there are no billable items, then on the Add Invoice Search page check the box at the foot of the screen for ‘Include Projects with no billable data’ as in the screenshot below  The subsequent screen will allow you to create a blank draft invoice on which Additional Items can be included.

Additional Information

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