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How do reports roll up data via Project Metrics vs Task Metrics? For example, the Project Status report calculates amounts based on whether project metrics by project or project metrics by task is used.


When the report criteria of “use the task budgets for project metrics” is utilized, the system collects actuals and estimates % complete, then derives Estimated Total for each task. The system will then add up the results of each task’s calculations to come up with the project’s totals.

When the Report criteria of “use the project budgets for project metrics” is utilized, the system collects all actuals reported for the project and compares all of the actuals to the project’s budget to drive the % complete, and from that, the Estimated Total. 

With that stated, a simpler example is posted below:

  1. Task 1 - 50% completed, with budget of $100, and actuals of $50, and estimated total of $100. 
  2. Task 2 - 100% completed, with budget of $50, and actuals of $100, and estimated total of $100 (as the estimated total cannot be less than already incurred actuals).
  3. The sum of estimated totals for the 2 tasks is $200.
  4. Project with total budget of $150 and total actuals of $150.  The % Complete for this project will be calculated as all actuals over project’s budget: 150/150 = 100%.  The Estimated Total for the project is still $150.

Additional Information

Help Docs - Report Calculations

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