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Can I delete a timesheet?


 - The delete icon can be used to delete a timesheet (or to delete pending adjustments). In order for the delete icon to be visible, your Unanet system must have the Allow End Users To Delete Timesheets property set to true and the Enable Timesheet Audit Trail property set to false (this functionality is not recommended if your site must be compliant with the DCAA guidelines). (Admin > Properties > Time > Edit Settings)

Further, only those timesheets currently in an INUSE, DISAPPROVED or any Pending End User Adjustment status will display the delete icon. Thus, if you desire to delete a timesheet that is currently in a status of APPROVING, SUBMITTED, or COMPLETED, you'd need to first edit the timesheet (which would reset the status to INUSE), and then you would have the delete option available.

If this timesheet has a pending end user adjustment then it will show up on the Active Timesheets list. Clicking the delete icon will allow the user to completely remove the pending adjustments (in which case the timesheet may no longer appear on the Active Timesheets list, but rather the Completed Timesheets list).

Additional Information

Help Docs - Timesheet Icons

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