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Why should I enable the Use Financial Organizations property if I am not using Unanet Financials?


Use of this property will restrict the list of things people can choose in places where they would be putting Financial organizations, versus getting all organizations as an option. For example:

  • Project Owning Organizations are required.
  • Person Organization of employees must be a Financial Organization.
  • The Project Organization must be a Customer within the Legal Entity of the Project Owning Organization if the Generate Unanet Invoice check box is selected for the project (e.g., the project is going to be billed in Unanet).
  • All posting processes will verify that all transactions created are posted to Financial Organizations within the legal entity (ensures that no cross-legal entity transactions are created).
  • If not checked, none of the Financial Organizations business logic rules will apply.
  • Timesheet validations:
    • If Person Organization is a financial organization, the legal entity of the Project Owning Organization must be the same as the legal entity of the Person Organization.
    • If Person Organization is not a financial organization, Project Owning Organization can be in any legal entity (current behavior).

This property must be checked in order to use Unanet Financials.

Real world examples:

If you are using Billing and Costing but not Financials, you could take advantage of the Posting Group features that would capture the appropriate accounts in order to send Journal Entries or Revenue to the downstream system.

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