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Title: T&M Projects with a Monthly Hours Cap

Brief description:

This document describes how to bill a T&M project that has a cap of hours that varies by month (i.e., month 1 could have a cap of 100 hours; month 2 could be capped at 80 hours). Additionally, in this scenario, the client doesn't need to let the people working on the project know about the monthly cap.

What’s covered in this document:

Handling This Use Case in Unanet

There are two options available to cap the number of hours billed on a month-by-month basis. The first involves creating a monthly fixed price item, and adjusting the amount based on hours worked. The second option uses the write-off functionality in Unanet.

Option 1: Creating a Fixed Price Item

This option involves created a monthly fixed price item, and modifying the amount based on number of hours worked each month. A manual calculation of hours worked * bill rate will need to be completed.

Option 2: Using the Write-off Functionality

Unanet includes write-off functionality for invoice items. In the edit view of the draft Invoice, navigate to the T&M Labor section. The total line at the bottom includes the total number of hours being invoiced. If this total is greater than the cap for the given month, edit one of the labor detail rows and enter the number of hours to be written off in the Write-Off Hours column. Entering hours into this column will automatically calculate the Write-Off Amount. To write-off an entire row, click the check box to the left of the edit pencil and then click Write Off Selected at the bottom left of the screen.

Additional Information

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