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Can I require that the project budgets are the sum of the task budgets?


Project budgets are established within the Project Budget tab within the Project Profile. Budgets are typically entered through the user interface (typed into the budget screen), although it is also possible to import them. Budgets may be entered at the Task level or the Project level.

Unanet does not require that the sum of task budgets equal the project budgets. If, however, you would like the sum of the task budgets to equal the project budget, you can perform an export of task budgets to sum the task budgets and import into the project budget fields. This means that budgets would be maintained at the task level by a project manager type role and only populated at the project level budgets via the import.

This can be further automated via the Integration Management Utility (IMU). The IMU would automate the summing and exporting of the task level data as well as the scheduled import into the project level budgets.

Whether or not the export/import process is automated, the attached export template (including Funded Value) may be used to aggregate task budgets in the format of a project import in order to update project budgets.

Note that the export template may be customized to pull and sum various fields as desired. For example, you might write logic in the template to populate Project Total Value with the sum of Bill Labor and Bill Expense task fields – Project Budget Update with Funded Value and Total Value.csv.

Additional Information

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