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Title: Duplicate Descriptions and Memos on Invoices

Brief description:

You may run into a scenario where Descriptions and/or Memos are appearing on the invoice twice. If that does happen, that indicates that the following is true:

  1. GROUP BY PROJECT is selected on the invoice format.
  2. DESCRIPTIONS and/or INVOICE MEMOS are set up at the Project level (Project > Billing > Invoice Setup > Other tab). 
  3. DESCRIPTIONS and/or INVOICE MEMOS are being added to the invoice when they are in a Draft status.

You can review these settings and modify the settings accordingly to meet your invoicing requirements.

What’s covered in this document:

Where to look for the GROUP BY PROJECT setting in Invoice Formats (for Description)

This Description appears on the invoice only if GROUP BY PROJECT is selected in the Invoice Format.

Navigate to Admin > Setup > Accounting > Invoice Formats.

Where to look for a default DESCRIPTION and/or INVOICE MEMO in the Project Setup

Descriptions and Invoice Memos may also be set up within the Project Profile. To set up a DESCRIPTION and/or INVOICE MEMO to be shown on the invoice:

  1. Navigate to Project > List > List tab > Edit Pencil Icon > Billing > Invoice Setup > Other tab.
  2. Enter the DESCRIPTION or INVOICE MEMO text and click Save.

Where to look for an invoice-specific Description on the Invoice

If GROUP BY PROJECT is not selected on the invoice format, you still have the option of adding a Description and/or Memo to the invoice while it is in a Draft status.

Proceed to the invoice under Financials > Invoicing & Posting > List Invoices > Edit Pencil Icon > Left menu > Invoice > Setup > Other tab.

This Description and/or Memo will now appear under the Description line on the Invoice.

If you want to remove one of the them, you can remove it either from invoice level or project invoice setup level.

Duplicate Memos

The same hierarchy as outlined above for Description holds true for duplicate Memos:

Additional Information

Help Docs - Admin Invoice Setup

Help Docs - Project level Invoice Setup

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