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How can I trigger Dilution with a SQL Script?


You may be turning dilution on in a system that has already been in use. One of your options may be to trigger dilution via a SQL script.

In order to maintain the integrity of prior data, update all existing Exempt rate entries to Non-Exempt, enter a new rate entry with the effective date of dilution (for example 1/1/15) and then turn dilution on. 

Support can run a SQL script to REPLACE all occurrences of "E" with "N" and eliminate any adjustments. Below are the steps: 

  1. Export all active employees; modify the effective date of their current rate to be the effective date of dilution.
  2. Have Support run SQL script to update all Exempt rate records to Non-Exempt (you may consider updating active and inactive to ensure no re-calculation).
  3. Import file created in Step 1 to insert new record (you may consider importing for all users (E, X, N) as a reminder that that is the day dilution was turned on).
  4. Turn dilution on.

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