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What is the best way for a Financials system to get time/expense into the LOCKED status?


This applies to Financials clients in particular who are not sending time/expense to a downstream system, but users of a downstream system may use it as well. By getting the time/expense into the LOCKED status, you can then do your labor/expense cost and billing posts.


  • The Time and Expense approval groups would be set up with one final approver. The final approver needs to be set on each approval group, including new approval groups you create in the future.
  • The Time and Expense autolock properties would be turned on.


  • The final approver would review the time and expense status reports to ensure that everything is in the Approving status with no one listed in the Pending status except for the Final Approver. In other words, the final approver would wait until all project level approvals were processed.