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Why are the Plan cost rates not reflected in the Reports?


When dilution is turned on, if a Plan's cost rate was set to anything other than the person cost rate, and if the Use Plan Cost Rate for Dilution is not enabled, the resulting reporting of labor costs will not reflect the override rate but the exempt person profile rate. This is the case even though the cost rate is listed in the plan list. As a best practice, if you are overriding the cost rate for Exempt users, be sure to enable the Use Plan Cost Rate for Dilution property to ensure that any overrides of cost rates will be reflected in planning reporting (second screenshot below).

Navigate: Project > List > List > Edit Pencil Icon > People Plans > List > Edit Pencil Icon.

Note: Cost Rate overrides are set via the Labor Category or Override radio buttons, and are not recognized for Exempt users when Dilution is turned on.

Navigate: Admin > Properties > Time > General > Dilution Settings.

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