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How do I record a batch deposit to my bank in Unanet?


  1. Set up a bank account of TYPE = Undeposited Funds.

  2. Receive the checks you want to deposit in your batch as customer payments against your undeposited funds account. (Accounts Receivable > Customer Payments, +Customer Payment)
    Post the Customer Payments.

  3. When ready to make your deposit, go to Financials > Accounts Receivable > Deposits. Complete the Summary screen with your bank account and batch deposit amount and select Save.

  4. Select the Customer Payments associated with the batch deposit by clicking on Deposited Documents

  5. If you wish to add a check or cash to the deposit that doesn't relate to a customer payment, for example a tax refund check, go into the Details area of the deposit to make this entry.

  6. If you have documentation, such as your deposit confirmation, which you wish to associate to this deposit transaction, select Attachments and upload your saved/scanned documents.

Additional Information

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