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How do I get Historical Hours into the general ledger (GL) to use for allocations based on hours?


It may occur that you would like to calculate an allocation entry based on YTD hours, as in a Facilities Costs Allocation based on the total hours that people worked in each particular area of the company. (For example, apportioning Facilities costs between Overhead and G&A costs). The Unanet system uses the hours posted to the general ledger to calculate the total year-to-date hours in any given account. Therefore, if your Financials go-live date is mid-year, you will need to add cumulative hours-to-date into the system for posting to the general ledger. Here are the steps for completing that process:

  1. Accumulate the total hours that are to be apportioned to each labor account in the general ledger. If you are an existing Unanet customer you could run an Actuals Summary showing Project type for the year-to-date prior to your go-live date.
  2. Add a user (or use the UnanetAdmin user) to post the YTD hours against. Ensure this user has a cost rate of $0.
  3. Complete a timesheet against all the various project types that the costs should be apportioned to. For example, choose a billable project, a B&P project, a G&A project, a Fringe project, etc. Charge all of the year-to-date hours on that one timesheet to the various projects. Note: Be sure that your posting group accounts have been set up so that these will post to the general ledger. Ensure that all of the historical hours timesheets are in the LOCKED or EXTRACTED status.
    1. Turn Post to General Ledger ON (Admin > Properties > Financials > General Ledger).
    2. Complete the Labor Cost Post, choosing a date in the month prior to your go-live date.
    3. Turn Post to General Ledger OFF.
  4. Run the GL Details report (Reports > Dashboard > General Ledger) for the period you posted the hours into, and with the DOCUMENT TYPE Labor Cost Post selected. Ensure that the post worked as expected.
  5. Run the Cost Pool calculation and ensure the hours were apportioned as intended and the calculation works as expected (reconcile with client documentation/reports).
  6. Complete a correcting timesheet that reverses all of the hours exactly as you had just charged them. Leaving Post to General Ledger OFF, post the correcting timesheets into the same period that you originally posted them. This will remove the hours from your project reports so that they are not counted twice.
  7. Turn Post to General Ledger ON.

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