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Does Unanet interface with banks and credit institutions?


Unanet includes bank reconciliation functionality that allows the reconciliation of bank accounts, credit card accounts, and other accounts requiring periodic reconciliation. The activity in these accounts is generated by system posting processes and manually entered via the UI or a transaction import.

Unanet has a schedule-driven API, versus an event-driven API. Please see the IMU KC entries below for more information. Unanet's schedule-driven API is called the Integration Management Utility (IMU). The IMU can be used to automate the flow of transaction data on a scheduled basis to and from Unanet. If your bank or credit institution provides the ability to automatically generate files with your transaction data in a Unanet-supported format, you can schedule the import of this data into Unanet.

For more information on Unanet bank reconciliation functionality please visit the links below.

Additional Information

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