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Does Unanet have a Vendor Invoice Edit (Replicating the GCS Voucher Edit Report)?


Many clients who transition to Unanet from GCS may have previously relied on a report called the "Voucher Edit Report." This page includes an export/report which is a mechanism to review a batch of "Inuse" Accounts Payable vouchers, including the associated expense accounts, due dates, etc.  

In Unanet, "Inuse" Accounts Payable vouchers can be viewed from the Financials dashboard through the Vendor Invoices list as in the first screenshot below.

Navigate to Financials > Accounts Payable > Vendor Invoices. By default, you will land on the Search tab.  Select the check box for Inuse, enter the appropriate date range and other relevant criteria, and select the List tab to see the results.

In order to replicate the GCS "Voucher Edit Report" format in Unanet, you may wish to utilize one of the attached export templates: 

Once installed, the resulting output of the export will be similar to this:

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